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Our company buys your forest and land.

Purchase of forestland

In order to make an offer for the purchase of forest or land we need a cadastral number of your property, which will help us to obtain information about your land and forest for sale from public registers. With the cadastral number, we will be able to come and look at the property, make an accurate evaluation of its worth, and offer you our quote.


Ask us.

If you need professional forestry advice, ask us, we will find answers together and find solutions.


Ask for a quote today.

Price offers are always available free of charge, regardless of whether there are any specifications about the forest or no information about it at all. We buy properties that haven’t been cut or maintained, but also those that have been. Properties may be loaded with mortgages or servitudes. When selling your forest to us, you can be sure that Ökoteh will manage it with prudence and responsibility.

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