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Ökoteh OÜ

Ökoteh OÜ is a company founded by Olev Matt in 1993, whose core business is the management of company property, silvicultural work (i.e. forest management) and investing in new forest and land acquisitions. Our long-term experience helps us offer you the best quote on the market for either your property, or for the cutting rights of your forest. We guarantee high-quality work which is respectful of nature. Ökoteh is a 100% Estonian owned company, with more than 24 years of experience to prove our credibility and sustainability.

Our fields of activity

  • Purchasing property (such as yours)

  • Full package of silvicultural work

    Ground preparation, forest plantation, improving the quality of young trees, thinning and clear-cutting

  • Purchasing the cutting rights to your forest

  • Sale of our property


Sale of our property

Purchasing property (such as yours)

Ökoteh founder Olev Matt

Over 35 years of forestry experience.

Olev Matt

Tel: Tel: +3725056829

E-mail: olev@okoteh.ee

Why choose us?



A quarter of a century of experience in the forestry business



our transactions are correct.
All work is in fully accordance with the natural environment and the laws of the Republic of Estonia



We offer a competitive price

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